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Leif M. Wright is author of true crime thriller
Deadly Vows, murder mystery novel
Minister of Justice and the upcoming novel
Robby the R-Word.

My dad is rabidly anti-Obama. Like, if David Duke hated Obama as much as my dad does, I'd be shocked.

So this morning, I sent this to him, not just to tweak him, but because I also believe it.

Today, the editors at the publisher sent Robby the R-Word back to me after they had edited it for copy and content.

They had some changes for me to make, so I blew through it tonight, and every time I read it, I think a better writer than me wrote it.

Robby the R-Word is a book I would enjoy reading, and not just because I'm very close to the author. It has everything: fun friendships, seduction, a serial killer, a bumbling crook, a haggard detective struggling to make her mark, a beleaguered sheriff struggling for re-election in the face of a rampant criminal, drugs, sex, rock and roll, and I'm not even exaggerating a little bit.

Plus, it's fun to read.

I can't wait for you to get to read it too.

It's clear now what Facebook is: disseminator of false information disguised as truth so that people who are insular in their right- or left-wing views can feel comfortable that the "facts" are on their side.

SPOILER: They aren't.

Politics has always been dirty, ugly business, but social media has ramped it up to an intolerable degree.

Donald Trump didn't call Republicans stupid.

A Hillary supporter isn't waving a Hillary flag while standing on the American flag.

Hillary hasn't killed 50 people.

Obama isn't a Muslim.

Democrats aren't coming to take your guns.

Mexico is never going to pay for a wall.

Bernie Sanders supporters are never going to "come over" to Trump's side. (They may not come to Hillary's side, either).

It's so easy to fact-check things you see and hear online. Simply go to Google or some other search engine (I use Duck Duck Go) and search what you're reading. Then, only accept it as legitimate if it's by a reputable news organization that you've heard of. Personally, if it's Faux News, I disregard it on principle, but your mileage may vary.

Sigh. I can't stand politics season.

So my four-year-old, who's been able to recite the alphabet forward and backward since he was 16 months old, has now decided everything needs labels.

So when we went to the hot tub yesterday, which is his office, we found the candy jar above, clearly labeled "jar candys."

Just so you know, obviously.

It's my job to look at people. I guess it's my business, since I'm self-employed and "job" might imply that someone else is paying me to do my business. Whatever. The point is, I look at faces for a portion of my day to post mugshots to several of my mugs sites.

This morning, a thought struck me: If humans weren't evolving, every single face would look the same, barring environmental differences, such as scars and sunburns.

The differences in the way we look is evidence of small genetic tweaks that have been passed down to us through many generations. I have a spooky physical resemblance to my father, who has a spooky physical resemblance to his. My sons have a spooky physical resemblance to me. There are variations. My dad looks angry all the time. I just look angry most of the time, because my looks are a bit softer than his. My sons never look angry (even when they actually are angry, it's cute because nothing is more hilarious than a furious toddler, clenching his little fists and stomping around - or even better, doing the "I can't get my way" riverdance while crying).

The point is, we have all evolved from the two parents who made us, and our children have evolved from the two parents who made them. Sure, we mostly all have the same equipment - five fingers per arm, two arms per torso, et cetera - but the odd anomaly there is evidence that we are evolving (and sometimes devolving). In the micro sense, homo sapiens has been largely unchanged for the last couple of hundred thousand years. But that's not even a full blink in the immenseness of time. We are different now than we were thousands of years ago. We're taller, bigger, and far more diverse. Our skin and skeletal structure have evolved into three distinct races: Caucasoid (white people), Negroid (black people and Australian Aborigines) and Mongoloid (Asians and American Indians). Those three races are all still members of homo sapiens, but their split could be the beginning of evolving into three separate species. If the species survives the election of 2016 and mass shootings erupting everywhere, that is.

If you're a religious person, relax. Evolution does not in any way contradict the teachings of the Bible or the Koran or whatever text you're following. Religious texts are an explanation of WHY stuff happens. Evolution, as an extension of science, is simply the working out of HOW stuff happens. The two are completely unrelated and, at least in principle, non-contradictory.

Now, if only we could evolve into a species that doesn't argue and kill so much.

Here's an original Leif Wright quote for you:

Social media, especially during election season, is simply an amplifier for ignorance, hatred and fear. Oh, and weird videos.

Feel free to quote me on that.

Oh, and here's a rant I sent to a bigoted hate monger whose Facebook page is full of nothing but lies, innuendo, fear and racism:

It is completely unnecessary and will be absolutely ineffectual, but it's late and I was feeling froggy.

Scientists have made it clear: Octopuses think like us, understand like us and are filling the oceans with their slimy, short-lived, yet dominant brood, and they're able to become invisible at will.

It's time to submit.

When they come, those who have declared fealty early will be given priority and the best jobs in the air-breathing world. At least until they develop air SCUBA gear.

So on Sirius XM's 70s on 7 channel, one of the DJs said, "All weekend long, we're celebrating the 40th anniversary of our country's bicentennial."

And my mind immediately popped the clutch. Since the bicentennial was the 200th anniversary of our nation declaring independence, if you're celebrating that anniversary's 40th anniversary, you're celebrating the anniversary of an anniversary.

It'd be like going to some old people and going, "Happy 15th anniversary of your 20th anniversary."

How about just saying something like "All weekend long, we're celebrating the nation's 240th birthday?"

I know, I know, the nation's 200th occurred in 1976, smack dab in the middle of 70s on 7's jurisdiction, but it still sounds dumb to my mind, which means I most certainly am not the target audience.

Also on my nerves about this holiday? The dozens of Internet memes saying "Happy Independence Day, America, and thank you to those who fought to make it that way."

They're all dead. All of them. America became independent 240 years ago. Every single person who fought to make it that way is dead and rotting, if not completely rotted, by now. Sure, you probably meant "Happy Independence Day, America, thanks to those who fought to keep us independent," but that's not what you said.

Anyway, happy 90th anniversary of your 150th anniversary, America.

I have long said that Tyrion Lannister is the main character in Game of Thrones, at least in the TV series. Yesterday, in an immensely satisfying episode full of satisfying moments, the most satisfying moment was when the Khaleesi gave Tyrion a "hand of the king" amulet and proclaimed him "hand of the queen" just after he had pledged that, in a life full of not believing in anything, "I believe in you."

Seriously, last night's episode could have been the series finale and I would not have craved a continuation next season. SPOILERS: Tyrion becomes the Hand of the Queen across the Narrow Sea. That queen mobilizes her new army and navy. Apparently, the eunuch has mobilized the Dornian army and the House of Tyrell to join her.

Having won back Winterfell, Jon Snow becomes the King in the North after the houses that failed to support him during the battle admit they're wrong and say they'll follow him not because of his last name, but because he has Stark blood running through him. All this after Jon sent the Red Witch on her way for burning a princess at the stake before he even knew her.

And Do Not Fuck With Cerci Lannister. Holy cow, I guess if people didn't know that before, they now know, as she ended the crazy cult leader, all his lackeys and her own daughter-in-law in one fell swoop by setting afire green goo underneath the Septum's keep and blowing everyone up at what was supposed to be her trial. Then, for good measure, she sends the Mountain to rape the nun who so tortured her while they were keeping her captive.

Now, as the Khaleesi's ships (and all three dragons) are sailing across the Narrow Sea with all the armies she's accumulated and ships from the Iron Islands, Jamie Lannister returns home to see the Septum's place still smoking, Arya Stark shows she's learned the Faceless Mens' tricks as she murders the lord whose name I've forgotten, but who killed her brother Rob at the Red Wedding. Oh, but not before chopping up his sons, baking them into a pie and feeding them to him.

And the armies of the North have coalesced around Jon Snow, with whom the Iron Islands have affinity.

Oh, OH, and I almost forgot: as the three-eyed raven, Bran Stark finally discovered the true lineage of Jon Snow - he is not Ned Stark's bastard; he is the son of Ned Stark's sister, who died during childbirth, and therefore, a true Stark, not a Snow.

Game of Thrones could have ended forever last night, and I would have been happy. That said, I think there are two more (shortened) seasons left, and here are my predictions:

  • The armies of the Khaleesi will invade and defeat the Lannisters at King's Landing, but it will take a lot of doing. Somehow during the battle the Khaleesi will either be mortally wounded, leaving Tyrion on the throne, or in some other way leave him there.
  • The white walkers will invade in the north, and it will look like goodnight for Jon and the armies of the North until somehow Bran is able to convince Tyrion and his armies to come fight with them to stave off the white walkers, who will otherwise destroy mankind.
  • Jon Snow will end up on the throne, either abdicated by Tyrion or vacated in some other way by him.

When a government is too big and too rich to falter, it is no longer a government "of the people."

When one candidate for office can win by landslides and still lose by rule, it is no longer a government "by the people."

When the people are so poor that they fight amongst themselves for scraps enough to feed their families while others fight only to protect their Scrooge McDuck vaults of money from the filthy plebeians, the American Dream has gone awry.

Gun control, abortion, gay rights, immigration? All a smokescreen for the only real issue: less than a dozen unbelievably wealthy families control everything in America, while everyone else squabbles over stupid issues that ultimately never get solved.

Take abortion. Roe V. Wade was in 1962. Half a century ago. Yet we're still barking and pecking about it like it just happened. The second amendment was passed two hundred and thirty-odd years ago, and we're still bitching about the details.

Meanwhile, in the richest nation in the history of the world, hundreds of thousands of people are dying early because they can't afford to pay doctors to save them. Diseases related to obesity are killing tens of millions of people because no one dares stand up to the moneyed food lobbies that kill legislation that would enable people to eat healthily. And millions of people live without basic food and shelter because the wealthy have decided they're "too lazy" to help.

Not to mention the thousands of poor young men and women who die or lose limbs fighting poor brown people so the fat cats who own all the oil futures can shave a few cents off per barrel and earn a few million dollars by betting against the very oil they own.

And an entire religion is persecuted and denigrated because extremists commandeer it to justify unjustifiable acts of cowardice.

America is in desperate need of a revolution.

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