Leif M. Wright is a publisher of a popular online newspaper, a journalist with more than 25 years of experience, a longtime ghost writer, a professional musician, a former pastor and an author of both fiction and non-fiction books.

He is winner of numerous Associated Press journalism awards and recipient of the prestigious Best of Gannett Award for the investigative series "Shout at the Devil." A former crime reporter and managing editor at a respected daily newspaper, he is currently owner and publisher of a successful online newspaper. He is an accomplished ghostwriter of dozens of books, most notably Morris Cerullo's autobiography, Son, Build Me An Army.

He lives on a ranch in Muskogee, Oklahoma with his wife, April, and three children. The family currently has four horses - one for each horseman - an ever-changing number of turkeys, six dogs, a cat, numerous mice and a blue Quaker parrot.

Hacking update

Feb. 26, 2015 — The contact form is working again. I have also added a "shorts" page that contains short items I wrote but don't think I'll ever expand or try to get published. If you like them, let me know.

Feb. 25, 2015 — This site was among numerous others that were victims of a hacking attack last week. We are working to restore everything, but currently, the "Contact" form doesn't work. No worries; there's an email link on that page until we can fix the form. We're working to correct that as quickly as possible.


Minister of Justice set for publication

Minister of Justice, Leif M. Wright's novel about a preacher who finds himself investigating the brutal murder of his own brother, is set for publication May 21, 2015 by Moonshine Cove Publishing.

The mystery/thriller novel is set in a small town in Oklahoma, where such vicious murders generally don't happen—especially three times.

Deadly Vows gets rave reviews

"Deadly Vows is an excellent real life thriller with more levels of revelation than a dream date with St. John himself. Don't miss this one"
- Author and radio host Burl Barer


"Author Leif Wright takes you into the mind of a megalomaniac preacher hellbent on power and control... very hard to put down. Not your run of the mill true crime story written by someone on the outside looking in... "
- Phil Sapienza

"...a very intriguing story that is more interesting because of the author's close relationship with the subject of the book..."
- Rod Hall

"...well written and fascinating!"
- Guy H. Parr III

"A fascinating look into the mind of a man whose ego knew no bounds..."
- David E. Arnold

"Moving chronicle, tragic tale, and great read!"
- L. Doree Thompson

"I am captivated and feel like I am living this writer's life."
- Janice Woods

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